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"Require agents with established market access for within and outside of India"
Salts Of Aluminium, Calcium,
Iron, Magnesium & Silica.

Neutraceuticals & Food
Speciality Chemicals
Zeolites / molecular sieves

Cosmetics or make-up are substances to enhance the beauty of the human body, apart from simple cleaning. Cosmetics include lotions, powders, lipsticks and many other types of products. Cosmetics can also be described by the form of the product, as well as the area for application. Cosmetics can be liquid or cream emulsions; powders, both pressed and loose; dispersions; and anhydrous creams or sticks.

Some of the products manufactured are for Cosmetic Formulation Industry. These are used in face creams, antiperspirant preparations, Body powders & lotions etc. We customize the products as per the requirements of the customers for bulk density, viscosity, texture, whiteness etc.

Cosmetic Products may or may not have therapeutic properties, however they do affect the body as they are applied to the skin. Therefore care is taken to minimize the impurity levels as far as possible.

 We provide customized impurity requirements of the products in order to provide SAFETY ot the final products as regards to Heavy Metals, Arsenic, Mercury etc.

Particle size of the products play a very important role in the formulation of a cosmetic product. Fineness is desired to provide a smooth feel on application and touch.

  • Granules
  • Micronised
  • Various Bulk Densities
  • Various Viscosities
  • Free from Black Particles
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Aluminum Sulphite
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Aluminum Chlorohydrate
  • Zirconium based product
  • Titanium dioxide

“ For technical profiles & Specifications of the products please send email to mkt.dom@apipl.biz or mkt.exp@apipl.biz”.


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