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"Require agents with established market access for within and outside of India"
Salts Of Aluminium, Calcium,
Iron, Magnesium & Silica.

Neutraceuticals & Food
Speciality Chemicals
Zeolites / molecular sieves


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The sourcing of Pharmaceuticals require an in depth knowledge of the industry and expertise in evaluation of the bulk API’s manufacturer’s process and product.
At various facilities the following categories of products are manufactured :
  • Calcined Products viz.: Magnesium Oxides etc.
  • Inorganic Antacid Products viz: Dried Aluminium Hydroxide Gel etc
  • Antibacterial -Quinilone Range of Products viz: Ciprofloxacin, Triclosan etc
  • Diuretics viz: Acetazolamide.
Our sound understanding of the intricate logistics involved, from the time of closing a purchase deal with our esteemed customer till the time of executing the purchase order, ensures quick speed of action resulting in a shorter time cycle which finally translates into enhanced customer satisfaction.
Flexibility is an in-built character of our facility and operations. This permits us to customize our manufacturing operations to obtain tailor –made products, which in turn gives our customer a competitive edge over his/her competitors/rivals.
Our products are customized as per following requirements :
  • D C Grades
  • Granules
  • Micronised
  • Customised Bulk Densities
  • Premixes
  • Tablet and Suspension grades
  • IP / BP / USP/ EP / FCC
  • Customised viscosity
The products are also sold as “DIRECT COMPRESSIBLE PREMIXES” for ready to punch into tablets
Some of the advantages of using Premixes:

1. Handling of one product instead of multiple products.
2. Reduction in Quality Control costs.
3. Less Volume handling because of compactness.
4. Eliminates all steps prior to compression of the tablet.

Apart from the above products the company sources and trades in other bulk API’s. The company conducts vendor evaluation and assures the quality of the material. Secondary quality checks are carried out for outsourced products.


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