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Salts Of Aluminium, Calcium,
Iron, Magnesium & Silica.

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Speciality Chemicals

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 We produce chemicals for a vast range of industries and for specific application. Application for which we supply our products are :

Fire Retardant :

Due to ever increasing environmental laws, organic fire retardants are becoming less and less desirable. We produce inorganic Fire retardants which provide good fire retardant properties, with desired Particle size requirements with or without coating.

Residual Acid Neutralizers

In the Petrochemical, Polymer, Rubber, Plastic Industries, they require to remove the residual mild acids during reactions which would otherwise destabilise the plastic. Our inorganic compounds are environmental friendly and can be used effectively for the same. Can be catered to desirable particle size with or without coatings.

Food Colours

Very fine Aluminium Hydroxide Gels are used for manufacturing of various Aluminum Lakes for various color loading.

Water Treatment Chemicals

“ Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink ”. It is well said . Our products help in purification of water to meet potable drinking norms. Some of our aluminas are also used for removal of fluorides and arsenic from water.

Residual moisture removal

Some of the processes and products cannot tolerate presence of moisture. Therefore to remove the traces, our products provide cost benefit in terms of improved process efficiencies. The products can be customized to suit the filtration requirements of the customer.


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