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"Require agents with established market access for within and outside of India"
Salts Of Aluminium, Calcium,
Iron, Magnesium & Silica.

Neutraceuticals & Food
Speciality Chemicals
Zeolites / molecular sieves

  • Agarwal Pharchem in support with its Manufacturing plant Meha Chemicals caters to MULTIPLE category of industries across the globe.  The company supplies to 10 different type of industries.
  • The company has export experience of 9 years and is well versed with International requirements and commitments.
  • The company spends about 10% of its revenues in product development, process optimization and development of products which are imports into India.  We are proud to inform that we endeavor to customize the products as regards to impurity profiles and other specifications of the customer.

"Calcium Hydroxide with Aluminum content less than 20 ppm"
Resuspendible Magnesium Hydroxide

  • Products manufactured by the company are IMPORT substitutes into India and are not manufactured by Indian Companies.
  • We ensure SAFETY, EFFICACY, COMPATIBILITY of our products.
  • Products as per impurities listed in California preposition 65
Technical & R& D Oriented

Continuous process optimization
Product Development
Grades development
Customization of products as per customers requirements
Under development - Micro encapsulation

We manufacture

Powders (micronised to granules of various sizes, BD 0.08g/cc to 1.2 g/cc)
Paste (customized viscosity and suspension stability – upto 40000 cps)
Granules ( as per customers particle size requirements with or without binders)
Crystals (various sizes)
Calcined products (Calcinations upto 800oC)


As per International Pharmaceutical standards
cGMP plant
Modern Plant


Under ICHQ7A up gradation
FDA certification

"We are at your service."
"Inform us about your Problems/Requirements and we shall try to provide a solution"


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